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About Us – Drone EPIC

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Learning, Innovation and Technology are the three key components of the near future. The coming era is based on automation, it will not be just THE FUTURE: it will be THE DRONES’ ERA. Whether for military or commercial purposes, whether to deliver something or to capture something in unimaginable conditions, it will be DRONES, DRONES & DRONES.

DronEPIC- a pioneer in manufacturing and designing low cost hybrid drone for commercial/defense purposes with the intelligent navigation system and mission planning with 4-5 times more flight time than other drones with the same set of battery. Whether it comes to Physical dimensions including wt., Operating range and height, Endurance, Crew and its training, Tentative cost and time frame for delivery, Maint/ repairs, the designing has got through all these key characteristics and well, we have achieved greatest success to make these characteristics our power.

Drones – designed keeping in mind the user friendliness and most important, user care aspect.

With this drone technology, we can find solutions to various areas like disaster management, survey sites, medical emergencies, traffic control, railways, electric lines, movie industry, air surveillance, military and defense organizations.

Stating the key characteristics which makes our DRONE an EPIC:

  • Perform Navigation and use to provide first aid during the hard times of disaster.
  • Takes the Survey Of different Locations
  • Control the Traffic
  • Helpful in Railway Department
  • Video Shoot in Movie Industry

Technical Features Of THE EPIC DRONE:

  • Hybrid Feature
  • Multi Rotor & Plane
  • Saves Battery
  • Travel Long Distances
  • High Speed
  • Good Pay Load
  • Ultimate Stability
  • Carry Drone in Laptop Bags
  • Camera Feature

When it comes to the complete trust, reliability and support part, DronEPIC will never let you down. Because our strength is you, our support is you, & our future is you. Assured of the fact that our specialized drones will make you see an unseen phase of life and our drones will become your trust.

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