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Happy Pi Day – A time to share funny Pi Images and Pi quotes

Hello friends , Today is Pi Day – A very unique , infinite and irrational day . It is much easy to define this day in mathematics. Let us share some really interesting and funny Pi day posters and pictures . Have a happy Pi day to all the maths geeks .The limit of this posts’s humor  is ∞. It is a nerdy holiday which maths geeks love to celebrate .Let us celebrate this amazing day with amazing and funny Pi Images and Funny Pi quotes .In our previous post , we share some of the interesting irrational facts about this irrational day that you would love to know .

Happy Pi Day

The value of Pi is approximately 3.14159( for calculations it is taken till this otherwise it is infinite ). This is a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. Due to this irrational character , Pi has its day and it celebrated on March 14  (3/14). The extra special celebration for this day take place on exact pi minute (at 1:59pm).

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But in  UK, there is Pi Approximation Day , which is  celebrated on July 22 (22/7) due to the reason that  22 divided by 7 is an approximation for pi.

Here are some of the funniest Pi day images and quotes .I bet you can’t help laughing when you will see these Pi Jokes and Pi Posters .


Pi day whatsapp Images

  • Happy Pi Day to someone who thinks they are smart just becose they know today is Pi Day


Funny Pi Quotes

  • 3.14% of the sailors r PiRates ..:P

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  • My PIN is the last 4 digits of

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Funny Romantic Pi Poster for your crush

Add a spice of your love to mathematics in your love for your crush . Send this hilarious Pi Poster to your special one .

 Funny Flirt Lines for a Geek

  • My Love 4 U is Lyk da decimals of Pi……Never Ending

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T Shirt Ideas for girls on Pi Day

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  • They Call me Pi because I’m irrational and I don’t know when to stop.

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Pi Posters to share

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Once again our team wish you all a very Happy Pi day .This number has lot of amazing facts related to it and is of great significance in number of formulae and theories  .It is not just limited to mathematics but used in every field of science .This amazing  mathematical constant pi  certainly deserves a day of it’s own. At number of universities , colleges and especially math departments and research centers , some special celebrations  and  publications ( especially related to mathematics  research papers )  are made at exactly 1:59:26 PM (  A  Pi Second that  falls during Pi Minute!).

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