Wednesday , October 24 2018

Arithmetic Coding Solved Numerical for Exams | ECE Topics

Today we have a lot of techniques and algorithms to be solved and prepared for the exams in colleges or universities. One of such technique or algorithm is the Arithmetic Coding Technique .This technique is quite  popular due to number of its pros. If you are preparing for college or …

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SONAR solved numerical for exams | Physics topics

Most of the students find it hard to solve the numerical related to SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging ). Its not because the formula used are tough but its just because we need some practice of solved and unsolved problems based on that particular concepts. This gives us a  clear …

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What is PID Controller loop? Proportional Integral Derivative

what is pid, pid loop, pid controller

Welcome again!!! Today we will discuss about the main part of the whole Quadcopter/Multirotors system. Here we will learn about What is PID Controller Basics and its use in Quadcopter/Multirotors. Before knowing about the PID you must know the basics of Quadcopters or UAV or Multirotors.As we are discussing about …

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What Are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs?

dronepic, drones in India, quadcopter, multirotor

Welcome Friends!!! Here in this blog we will discuss all about the drones, oem components and selection of the components for drones. But befoe discussing about the parts of QUadcopter/multirotor we must discuss What Are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs? So if you are a newbie then reading the below article …

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