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Proud to be Nurse worth sharing quotes| I am a Nurse Posters

Being a nurse is not an easy task .It needs lot of emotional stability and strong will power to perform all those duties .They save thousands of lives everyday and we really salute to their spirit. To honor them we are sharing some of the Proud to be nurse inspirational quotes ( I am a nurse messages ) and some funny quotes related to nursing .If any of your friend, sibling of family member  is practicing nursing , do share these sweet nurse quotes with them and make them feel special .

I am a Nurse Posters

Being a nurse means everyday you deal with traumatic situations leaving you stressed most of the times .Still they keep smile on their faces .With time they develop the habit of  accepting the suffering and death without letting it get personal . They take very step to keep their patient calm , relax and happy ; and when they see positive results no one is more happy than a nurse .Apart from witnessing gloomy and stressful situation , there are lot of heart warming moments that a nurse faces such as helping a patient recover or reuniting families . Here we are with some amazing quotes about nurses such as Proud to be nurse messages , I am a nurse posters , inspirational messages about being a nurse and worth sharing nurse quotes .


I am a nurse facebook covers

To get more facebook timeline covers for nurses : Nurse Facebook Covers

I am a nurse facebook cover photo showing the attributes of a nurse .The key attributes of being a nurse include Strong, Independent , Motivated , Hard Working, Reliable , Determined , Loyal , Selfless , Dedicated , Loving , Compassionate and lot more . Nurses are very empathetic and show great empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They know well how to instill confidence in patient and make them feel comfortable .

This Girl Loves Being a Nurse | Passion Facebook covers


Hard Work Quotes

Focus on studying

I know it is Hard

Bt Believe me

Its going 2 b worth it 

Proud to be nurse quotes

This is a great profession where thousand of lives are saved everyday by never ending effort by doctors and nurses .Nurses have long shifts and work day and night for their patients.Even after long shifts till the very last moment they pay excellent attention to detail and is careful not to skip steps or make errors as they know how precious one’s life is .Their attention literally makes a difference between life and death.


U r going 2 b an Amazing Nurse Messages

To celebrate their never ending efforts , International Nurse Day is celebrated every year on 12 May  and it marks the anniversary of Florence Nightingale birthday . You can share these amazing quotes about nurse on this special day also .


Funny Nurse definition | Funny nurse quotes

Nursing – Its all about fixing cuts and sticking butts


Funny Nurse Quotes for whatsapp and instagram

We hope that you liked your collection for our brave nurses who are the role model for thousands of  patients .For more collection related to inspiring professions , stay tuned .Your suggestions are warmly welcomed and we will try our best to post whatever our audience demand .Feel free to share this amazing I am a nurse posters and Proud to be a nurse messages .


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