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What Are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs?

Welcome Friends!!! Here in this blog we will discuss all about the drones, oem components and selection of the components for drones. But before discussing about the parts of Quadcopter/multirotor we must discuss What Are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs? So if you are a newbie then reading the below article will let you know What Are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs?

What are Drones, Quadcopters and UAVs for Newbies

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On coming to the topic Drones, it is the first question for newbies what is drone? So here we bring some useful information which will surely move from the newbies to an expert.

UAVs are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones are exactly the same. UAVs are nothing but anything which flies without the person’s control sitting inside it. UAV’s can be rockets, micro quad copters, military drones, quad copters, tiny prototypes shaped like hummingbirds. The one of the basic or childhood drone is the paper plane.

Unmanned aerial vehicles come in wide variety of sizes, shapes and have many functions.  They are controlled by remote control systems from the ground. They person flying the drone is called the remote-pilot. Hence every drone has remote pilot.


A quadcopter is a multi-rotor which gets lifted and propelled by its four rotors fixed at the four arms. Quadcopter uses two pairs of propeller that are at fix pitch i.e two clockwise and two anti-clockwise so as to cancel out the angular momentum. Each rotor or a motor is at a different speed so as to give the proper control to the drone or a quadcopter. Controlling the speed of each rotor gives you the desired thrust at each arm and to fly in a desired direction.

Quadcopters if we compare with other flying bots are much cheaper, stable, durable than other conventional helicopters at small sizes due to their mechanical simplicity. Their smaller blades possess less kinetic energy, so as to reduce their ability to cause damage. It also makes it safer for close interaction.

It became disadvantageous when the size of the quadcopter size is increased because by increasing the size the angular momentum increases. This means that changes in blade speed take longer, which negatively impacts control. Increasing blade sizes majorly effects the performance by improving efficiency as it takes less energy to generate thrust by moving a large mass of air at a slow speed than by moving a small mass of air at high speed. Therefore, increasing efficiency comes at the cost of control. If we check with the Helicopters, they do not experience such problem as on making the size of the rotor disk large, it does not significantly impact the ability to control blade pitch.

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