7 Amazing Pi Day Facts and Pi day history | Irrational Day

7 Amazing Pi Day Facts and Pi day history | Irrational Day
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We celebrate a lot of days on which some historical event happened. Most of the days are also declared to be the National Holiday or the International Holiday. But are you aware of the most irrational day? Are you aware of the Pi Day? Many of you may be not aware of the Pi day, when it is celebrated? What is the Pi day history? We will introduce lot about the pi day in this post. Also we welcome you to read some of the amazing Pi Day Facts.

History of Irrational Day: The Pi Day

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Pi day is one of the National Recognized important holiday which we celebrate or worship on 14th March of every year. If you are not aware then you will be surprised to know the reason behind the 14th March to be designated as the Π day. The House Resolution 224 of United States’s first session of 111th Congress designated 14th March as the Nation Pi Day because of the ratio 3/14 (3 is the March Month).

Symbol of Pi is Π

Pi name is kept for this day because Pi is the Greek Word which signifies the C/d of the circle i.e Circumference to the diameter of circle. Pi is one of the magical symbol in the bucket of Mathematics. There is lot more stuff related to the History of Pi Day. In 17th Century, Ludolph van Ceulen a German-Dutch Mathematician utilised his crucial time in knowing and calculating the value of Pi. He got success in calculating it to clossal thirty five decimals 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288… The same is also engraved on his tombstone. Today the same pi value is been calculated to ten trillion decimal places.

Pi Day Funny Quotes

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Amazing Facts of Pi Day

So now as we are much familiar with the Pi and its value. Let us have some amazing facts of pi.

  1. As we discussed Pi day is celebrated on 14th of March every year. You will be amazed to know that at Exploratorium in San Francisco on March 14 at 1:59 a.m. PST which is 3.14159, pi day is celebrated.
  2. If we look to the first million digits of Pi we will get that there is no occurrence of the sequence 123456.
  3. Pi is the 16th Greek letter while in English alphabet p is the 16th letter hence telling pi is same in all sense.
  4. It is believed that pi has the answer to many questions of the universe.
  5. It is also known as the birthday of great scientist Albert Einstein.
  6. As per Advance Medical Science it is said that it will take 133 years to recite the 6.4 Billion digits known.
  7. Most of the formula such as Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle existing has the pi as some factor.

Here was the detailed information regarding the History of Pi and Π day. For more information regarding pi day or pi value in mathematics, stay in touch with us. Enjoy our collection for Pi day 2019 such as best Happy pi day 2019image s, funny pi day quotes and messages . If you have any queries related to any such topics, do comment and we will surely entertain you. In case, any specific topics needs to be discussed on our website, we welcome & give our audience the first priority. Hit the like button and share the post with your friends who need help with this topic.

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