Activities list for World Down Syndrome Day celebration

Activities list for World Down Syndrome Day celebration
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Today is 21st March and is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day globally so as to raise awareness about the people who are suffering from this disorder. Tremendous cooperation by non-beneficial/non-governmental associations around the world achieves the honorable motivation behind making the life of individuals having down disorder less demanding by gathering gifts and urging individuals to help them in any capacity conceivable. Numerous crusades mindfulness occasions, exercises are held each year to advocate the rights and prosperity of individuals with Down disorder.

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Before giving the list fo activities that can be organized for down syndrome day celebration, we will give you a brief idea about this genetic disorder. Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that leads to mental and physical differences.The probability of a child having Down syndrome is one in every 700 children. Therefore it is one of the most common chromosomal disorders.

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Lots of Socks Images for Down Syndrome

 World Down Syndrome Day facts 

Down Syndrome day Activities List

Here is the list of activities that you can organize to show your love and affection for people with this genetic disorder. This is the day that gives you a chance to create awareness about down syndrome and how you can make this place better for people with down syndrome.

Wear Odd Pair of Socks / Knitting Socks Competition 

socks _for _down_syndrome day

As we know that DS ( Down Syndrome) People has 3 duplicates of a 21st chromosome rather than 2. It influences practices, the presence of an individual, handling time and once in a while need additional assistance. Wearing odd hues socks demonstrates that you bolster something that is extraordinary and far from being customary. It is a piece of ” Lot Of Socks ” battle that brings issues to light about DS ( Down Syndrome ) by urging individuals to share their perspectives and find out about this disorder.

Talking about Knitting the socks competition, if you are good at knitting and you a group of people who can do knitting, host an event. Encourage your friends, classmates and colleges mates to participate in knitting the socks competition. Everything for knitting including colored yarn, knitting needles would be provided. In the end, one with the most creative and colored pairs of socks win the competition.

Inspirational Gifts for Down Syndrome Kids

Distribute gifts to kids with Down Syndrome.T here is a huge list of inspirational down syndrome gift ideas such as Down syndrome awareness  T-shirt, down syndrome dolls, cakes with down syndrome celebration quotes. It is always a good idea to wear down syndrome awareness on this special day.Have a look at some cool Tees for 21st March.


Buy Down Syndrome Dolls 

down _syndrome_ t_shirtGreat Tees with great quotes | Buy Down Syndrome T shirt Ideas 

If you are organizing an event for any corporate , give an awareness ribbon for all your employee .down_syndrome_ ribbons

Buy Down Syndrome Silicone Bracelets 

These silicone bracelets are great event giveaways. These trendy as well as  comfortable and wonderful way to create awareness .

Down syndrome Themes Potluck

You can have a potluck  in school class, college or at your work palace .Bake some down syndrome theme cookies , pie, muffins , cakes and lot more .We are sharing some of the ideas for down syndrome cookies such as ribbon cookies .

down_ syndrome_ cookies

Down Syndrome Ribbon Cookies

down _syndrome _cookies Potluck Ideas for 21st March

Skating Party for Down Syndrome Kids 

Host a free family event for World Down syndrome day celebration. If you are organizing make sure to include food and refreshments at no cost apart from skate helmet rentals. There is one skating event going to take place in Burnaby for 21st March. Get the free tickets for this event at Skating Party Event.


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