Autism Awareness Speeches for Autism Awareness Month 2019

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April is Autism Awareness Month and effort are on a global level to make more and more people aware of Autism and how to make the world a better place for people having autism spectrum disorder. Some of the very common practice on an international level to raise awareness about Autism include organizing charity campaigns for autism , autism donation collection, organising  competitions in school and college such as Public speaking on autism , inspiration autism awareness speeches and essays on autism so that students have the basic idea about Autism and how to treat someone with Autism .

Autism Awareness Speeches

Here are some of the autism awareness speeches ideas that you can use to make your own speech or you can use the below-given autism speeches as is it. In case you have essay writing competition for autism awareness month, you will get good content over here. To make your speech more inspirational and unique, here are some suggestions of the content that one can add to Autism awareness speech and essays.

  • What is Autism
  • Causes of Autism
  • Treatment for Autism
  • Inspirational quotes related to Autism
  • Figures and facts for Autism Spectrum disorder
  • Non Profitable organizations raising awareness for Autism
  • When is Autism Awareness day celebrated
  • Any personal experience to spend time with someone having autism


# Autism Awareness Speech

Good Morning Everyone, I feel very fortunate that I got the chance to share my thoughts about Autism and how these kids are special in their own way. World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated annually so as to raise awareness about Autism. Although more and more people are becoming aware of OSD still there is a long way. Today I got this golden opportunity to share my personal experience and how it feels like being with someone who is having Autism. By sharing my experience, facts and their perspective for the world, I am sure I would be able to contribute towards the awareness for Autism and that actually means a lot to me.

People often confuse Autism with mental retardation but it is not. Autism actually belongs to a group of illnesses known as ‘developmental disabilities’.There are certain levels of autism and these disabilities( slow growth ) are characterized by problems with a child’s social and communication skills.  Autistic people have their own spectrum, their own world. They normally display unusual ways of learning, reacting to different sensations and paying attention. Autism starts in childhood and lasts for the whole life. But with proper medication, one can show great development and improvements in their social and communication skills.

On this day, to show the support on an international level, thousands of buildings and famous landmarks are illuminated in blue light to draw attention to the cause. People even bath their houses in blue lights for autism awareness.

#Autism Awareness Essay Ideas 

2nd of April is observed as world autism awareness day and this time in 2019, it is the 12th  annual World Autism Awareness Day. With more and more awareness for autism in the recent years, everyone including a large number of non-governmental organizations, international bodies,  and other local organizations tri their level best to reach more and more people so as to teach them more about autism. This speech of mine will be dedicated to autism awareness for understanding and acceptance for people with autism ). Let us accept them as an important part of our society, show our love, affection, and concern for them.

AUTISM is just lyk : Painting outside da lines & seeing da world differently.

I must say that children with AUTISM  are way too special . They are angels who lost their way to heaven and fell down to earth.

This disability has affected thousands of children today. There are no definite causes for autism known but it has observed that with proper care and medication, conditions can be improved.


Sharing Is Caring

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