Autism Awareness on World Autism Awareness Month 2019

Autism Awareness on World Autism Awareness Month 2019
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2nd April 2019 is the 12th  annual World Autism Awareness Day. This is the day when a number of non-governmental organizations, international bodies and making other local organizations, uncountable buildings, homes globally light blue ( Light it up Blue shows your greater understanding and acceptance for people with autism ) so as to show their love, affection, and concern for people living with autism.

National Autism Awareness Month 2019 

April Month is observed as National Autism Awareness month in Canada. You can contribute to people with Autism in a number of ways such as making a donation for organisations working in support of these special people , launching a campaign to spread awareness about autism and inspiring the society to treat autism people with love and respect ,sharing inspirational quotes and facts about autism on social media ( as we know the internet is a powerful tool these days)Organizing Autism-friendly events and educational activities . These type of activities take place all month as to spread as much awareness as we can create for worldwide support.

LightItUpBlue Autism_Awareness

Light It Up Blue

Motivational Quotes to share on National Autism Awareness Month 2019

What is Autism and its symptoms 

What is Light It Up Blue 

Autism Awareness Events In Canada

Autism Awareness Events In Toronto

Quick facts about Autism

Many of us do not know that World Autism Awareness Day comes under 1 of 4 specific health-related UN observance days. Here we are going to share some of the quite common facts and stats related to ASD ( autism spectrum disorder) so as to give the basic idea regarding Autism. Children with ASD often face developmental, communication and social problems thus leading to need for special parental care and medical attention.


Autism Quick Facts

  • Risk of having Autism is 4 times more in boys as compare to girls.
  • Risk of having Autism is more in children born to older parents.
  • If parents already have a child with ASD , there is 2 to 18 percent chance of having a second child with ASD too.
  • One-third of people with ASD  are nonverbal.
  • These kids and adults with ASD get affected by depression. The ratio is 7% and  26% respectively.


More facts about Autism

On this one of the well recognized and most celebrated medical days. Let us pledge to spread awareness for autism and treat these kids with equal love, affection and respect.L et us come together as a responsible society to help those who have autism. Let us be initiative and do appreciate in public awareness and fundraising campaigns.


Sharing Is Caring

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