Country Manager Marketing Simulation Sample report : International Marketing skills

Country Manager Marketing Simulation Sample report : International Marketing skills
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This marketing simulation software enhances our marketing skills and gives all the basic ideas that one should have while entering any new market . In Country Manager marketing simulation software , we are asked to study the market strategy by observing various factors related to that country before entering the market . Here we are asked to expand the business of USA based toothpaste brand  in the South American region. The South American countries were chosen based on population, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), wealth, and inflation rate. The order of the countries that is selected by the teams matters a lot while calculating the results at the end .the order affects the Brand Equity , brand trust , total profits and various other factors .

Country Manager Marketing Simulation

Get free access to this sample report of Country Manager marketing simulation  to get ideas about the sequence of choosing a country and how to promote the brand there. You can download this marketing simulation sample report for future references .This is just a sample report and you ca get better results by avoiding the mistakes the team did during each period in this country manager report .


Sample report key points

  • The main purpose for choosing countries such as Brazil , Mexico and Argentina is population in order to achieve highest number of potential customers and target a huge market share.
  • Based on the fact that Brazil has the highest population and largest economy in South America, and shared a close geographic location with other South American countries, we decided to build a production plant in Brazil.
  • Taking optimum advantage of free trade agreements like NAFTA and MERCOSUR, we expanded to other countries.
  • We introduced SKUs with consideration of consumer shopping habits and competitors’ products. We increased plant capacity in Brazil every period as the cost of production in Brazil is less than the home plant.

How to start market entry from Period 1

Here are some of the key points and tricks to be kept in mind while entering the market and to get better results as compared to the competitors  in marketing simulation .These market strategies will also help in obtaining great results while dealing in international marketing .

  • Promotion was tailor-made and the budget was always higher than the competitors to create more awareness for our brand. To be more efficient and effective, we updated our advertisements frequently.
  • Our pricing strategy was to benchmark international competitors to keep gross margin higher and gain a market share ahead of the competitors.
  • We standardized discount allowances on price to increase our market sales and brand equity index. Following our marketing plan, we were successful in all the countries we entered.
  • Starting slowly in the first period in Brazil, we ended up with positive net contribution in the seventh period.


After seven years of business in Latin America, we can say that the Allstar Brand has been succesful. Below is the position we have left the Allstar Brand in the region.

  • Brazil: It was a success because of the population and investment (building a plant).
  • Argentina: Although, it was the last country we entered, we had an overall good performance including gross margin, net contribution, and COGS, which made it a success.
  • Promotions and advertisements have huge impacts on brand equity, and a standardized allowance is favorable.It is essential to keep an eye on our manufacturing sales and the plant capacity to prevent excess production.

Hope these points will help you while doing marketing simulation. For more assistance and guidance, browse our other sample reports and you will surely get more ideas for your market strategy.

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