Download PDF of Productivity Measurement Solved Problems : OM Assignments

Download PDF of Productivity Measurement Solved Problems : OM Assignments
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Welcome back students, hope you are prepared well for the exams. To help you in clearing all your basic if you are an engineering or management student and has operations Management as one of to core subject, we are here to help you guys. We have uploaded free pdf related to productivity measurement solved problems so as to clear your concepts and basic fundaments regarding Productivity measurement.  This productivity measurement pdf will be of great help to you.

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 Productivity Measurement PDF Download

Before downloading productivity measurement pdf, let us discuss what productivity is and how it impacts the company’s efficiency. In layman’s language, productivity is the ratio of outputs to inputs. Here outputs include goods and services and inputs includes resources such as material, labor, management, and capital. Therefore to improve efficiency, operations manager always focus on improving productivity. In this post, we are sharing solved examples such as productivity Measurement solved problems.

Productivity_ Measurement_ Solved_ Problem _pdf

Notes :

There are some points that one should keep in mind while working on numerical based on productivity measurement. These are

By observing the equation, we can improve the productivity in two ways:

  • Reduce the Input and keeping the output constant
  •  Reduce the Output and keeping the Input constant

We have two ways to find productivity depending upon the situation. It Includes Single Factor Productivity and Multi-Factor Productivity.Let us know more about these productivities.

Single Factor Productivity: Indicates the ratio of one resource (input)  to goods/services produced (output)

P.M   = one output / one input

Multi-Factor Productivity: Indicates the ratio of more than one resource (input)  to goods/services produced (output)

P.M  =  output  / more than one input               =     output / (capital + management + labor + material + energy + other)

  • Measurement of productivity

Measurement of productivity is an excellent way to predict the efficiency of the plant/process in a company. Here we are going to learn how to measure productivity.

Productivity   =    Units produced/labor hours used

For example: If the unit produced are 2000 and labor hours are 200 then,

Productivity   =    Units produced/labor hours used   =   2000/200 =   10 units per labor hour

In this example, we used just one input resource but most of the cases we make use of the number of other inputs also such as management, the capital

In the above sharedProductivityt measurement pdf, we have the very basic example of productivity measurement as it has significant importance when you study operations management and has a lot of practical implementation. To get more assignments solved numerically related to product management and measurement, stay tuned as we are going to upload slide shares and pdf to download.

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