Download PPT for Productivity Measurement : Operations Management

Download PPT for Productivity Measurement : Operations Management
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In a common language, Production is the creation of goods and services. Here we talk about the role of productivity measurement in operations management. We are sharing the PowerPoint presentation of productivity measurement solved numerically so as to clear the basic concepts regarding productivity measurement. The productivity measurement ppt if free for download.

Contents of  Productivity Measurement Slideshare

Below is the list of content covered in the Productivity measurement presentation.

  •  What is operations management?
  • What is productivity
  • How to improve productivity.
  • Types of productivity
  • Productivity measurements solved problems
  • Results

Measurement of productivity is an excellent way to predict the efficiency of the plant/process in a company. Here we are going to learn how to measure productivity.

Productivity Measurement / Management

Book Referred, in this case, is Operations Management by Jay Heizer and Barry Render 

Productivity Measurement (P. M) = Output / Input

By observing the equation, we can improve productivity in two ways:

  • Reduce the Input and keeping the output constant
  •  Reduce the Output and keeping the Input constant

Productivity   =    Units produced/labor hours used

For example: If the unit produced are 2000 and labor hours are 200 then,

Productivity   =    Units produced/labor hours used   =   2000/200 =   10 units per labor hour

In this example, we used just one input resource but most of the cases we make use of the number of other inputs also such as management, the capital.

Single Factor Productivity: Indicates the ratio of one resource (input)  to goods/services produced (output)

P.M   = one output / one input

Multi-Factor Productivity: Indicates the ratio of more than one resource (input)  to goods/services produced (output)

P.M  =  output  / more than one input               =     output / (capital + management + labor + material + energy + other)

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