How to find Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students

How to find Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students
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When you are new to a new country, in the beginning, the struggle is not easy. With the new trend of inflow of a large number of students in Canada for higher studies, one can pretty much observe that Canada is among the top priority for international students for higher studies due to various reasons such as diversity, work culture and living standards being few of them. Landing here and then start looking for Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students to meet expenses in this expensive country is a whole new struggle.

Most of the time students being new here do not get the right direction regarding job hunt and often misguided that it is not too easy to find jobs here. Because of this, sometimes within a few months after their arrival, they start stressing out. In order to help those newcomers, we are providing you the list of job boards to look for part-time jobs in Canada such as what type of jobs are available here for students.

Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Keeping this concern in mind, we made this post that shares the top part-time job websites of Canada and how does this work. We are going to share how to search for jobs on these websites and what all things you need to upload to that your resume can get selected and you have the job within the few days you land Canada.

#1 is the top website of Canada for the job hunt. It shows hundreds of thousands of job vacancies across Canada. Apart from part-time jobs, you can find full time, casual, internships and flexible part-time jobs too.

Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International

Type in Part-time and the location to get results of your area. You can also customize the results by selecting the radius within which you are looking for part-time jobs.

NOTE: Build a proper resume highlighting your duties/achievements and fill the skills section on your Indeed account too. 


Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Another big platform to search for part time jobs in Canada for students. You need to upload your resume at by creating the account. One can even use these platforms for full-time jobs for students during 4 months off from school /colleges.


Glassdoor is a platform that offers a lot more than looking for part-time jobs for newcomers in Canada. This website allows current and former employees to anonymously review companies. One can even anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform.

NOTE: Always check for job responsibilities to have ideas what are they looking for and does the employer need any special certifications or not.

Tips for Part-time Jobs 

  • Most of the part-time jobs for students are related to customer service, so if you get an interview call, always be prepared to answer customer service created questions. Remember the customer is our first priority.
  • Always check on, the type of questions that a particular company asks in the interview .You will get a lot of interview question ideas for major retail companies that hire international students for part-time jobs such as Walmart Canada, Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drugmart and lot more.
  • Never ever take your assignments lightly. Most of the part-time jobs come with the first step of completing online assignments. For this, computer software selects you for an interview if you get that threshold percentage in the assignment. So be very careful in your online assignment. Show that you are the best.

For more queries and a list of other job hunt websites, do comment in the comment bo and we will provide you with the rest of the website that can help you for Top Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students.

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