How to prevent sudden cardiac arrest? Health Tips

How to prevent sudden cardiac arrest? Health Tips
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At present time as the population on earth is increasing, it is indirectly leading to several disease like infection, viral fever, cardiac arrest, heart attack and many others in several ways. Due to this increasing population, there had been an excessive increase of pollution in terms of air, water, soil, food and others. People now a days are less healthier than people born several years back. Also due to this people are not able to live as many years as they use to do in ancient history. Today we will be learning and knowing about the definition of cardiac arrest and the preventive measures to be taken to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. People get mostly confused with the term heart attack and cardiac arrest. There had been multiple cases where the person dies within an interval of time like recently Sridevi a Bollywood star passes due to sudden cardiac arrest.

What is sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest or better known as SCA is the situation where there is unexpected and sudden stopping of heart beat. Due to this the flow of blood to the brain stops or cut and other vital organs stops working. In case SCA is not treated within minutes and it causes a sudden death of the person.

To know Sudden Cardiac Arrest better, you must be aware of how the heart works and pumps. Our heart features an electrical system that controls and monetize the rhythms and rate of the beats of heart. If in case, any problem occurs with these electrical system of heart than it causes improper heartbeats which is also called arrhythmias. Arrhythmias are of various types where the heart start beating too slow, too fast or with irregular or improper rhythm. Among these there may be case when the heart stops beating and pumping blood to the vital organ of the body, this causes Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

There are different types of preventive action taken based on three different conditions like:

  • Person had already faced Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Never received SCA but are at the high verge of receiving the cardiac arrest
  • Person had neither received SCA nor he is having any risk factors of receiving the cardiac arrest

People who have faced SCA in past are always at a high risk of facing SCA again in near future. As per treatment ICD i.e. Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is used to reduce the high risk of dying due to SCA in future. This ICD is placed and managed under the layer of skin in person’s abdomen or chest.

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Note: ICD monitors any dangerous or irregular heart rhythm, in case any, an electric shock is given by the ICD to retain the lost normal rhythm of heart.

Avoid cardiac problems

For people who are having heart disease or severe heart problem (CHD i.e. Coronary Heart Disease) are at a high risk of receiving sudden cardiac arrest. In this case doctors prescribe a medicine better known as beta blocker. Beta Blocker helps in lower the risk of SCA. Doctors also prescribe statin for the people who have high LDL cholestrols, diabetes and heart disease.

Other medications can also be prescribed by the doctor to lower the blood pressure. It also decrease the chance of sudden death or heart attack. It can also be to prevent formation of blood clots and reduction in heart workload.

People not having any SCA in past or not having any risk factors can also face DCA. In most of the cases CHD causes SCA in most of the adults. CHD is also one of the cause for angina i.e. chest pain.

To have better health and healthy heart can make you lower the cardiac heart disease and other problems of heart. To have healthy heart person should have eating healthy for heart, maintaining stress, avoiding smoke, physical activities and many other.

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