IELTS coaching Institutes in Ottawa for International students

IELTS coaching Institutes in Ottawa for International students
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IELTS Coaching institutes in Ottawa – One of the common questions among students is “How to prepare for IELTS?” This obviously hampers ones preparation if one doesn’t know from where to prepare and how to. Don’t worry however as in this blog we’ll be discussing about how to do the prepration for ielts .

But before that we’ll be looking as to why IELTS is so important and different modules of IELTS exam.

IELTS for International students

The scores of IELTS is not only accepted in universities but also at various professional industries, MNC’s, Government departments and agencies along with at IRCC for obtaining a Canadian Citizenship. So, the bottom line is you’ll be requiring a IELTS score to basically prove your fluency in English for countries with English as their main language and in this blog we’ll be telling you everything about IELTS coaching institutes in Ottawa.

There are broadly two types of IELTS exam which are: Academic and General TRAINING. The difference lies in the purpose as to the purpose for which the applicant is sitting for the exam. If the applicant is giving the exam for immigration and work purposes a General IELTS would be fine however if you’re giving IELTS for securing admission in colleges and universities then you’ll be requiring to sit for the academic IELTS. In this blog however we’ll be focusing on the Academic IELTS which is more or less similar to General IELTS. We’ll be discussing about the various preparation courses which are available for IELTS in Ottawa and also certain tips about the preparation of IELTS.

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We’ll be going around this methodologically discussing about the preparation courses

      IELTS Coaching institues in Ottawa

First up we’re goanna be discussing about the language schools in and around Ottawa through which a test candidate can prepare forth. Those confused about what exactly a language school is, it is a place where one studies a foreign language for adjusting to speak the local dialect, preparing for a competitive exam or just out of passion.

Though the fee is on the higher side, one can opt for it if they prepare for IELTS in a professional environment. You’ll be taught in a similar fashion like that in a high school having daily classes in sizeable batches. Plus you’ll also be getting access to whole loads of student activities. They also provide you with accommodation which obviously is charged for. Below is a list of top Language schools in Ottawa which we recommend for preparation for IELTS :

  • GEOS Language Plus Ottawa:

GEOS was once a pioneer in language schools around the globe. It had once boasted of the largest network of language schools internationally. However the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and the schools operating under the brand name come under the purview of Sprachcaffe Languages Plus a German firm. However one cannot simply strike off the value GEOS enjoys even to this date. The courses offered at GEOS are also accredited by Languages canada for the quality assurance of their courses. Below is a list of the courses offered for IELTS at GEOS Ottawa along with the number of classes offered for each course:

IELTS Preparation Courses At GEOS Ottawa:



Lessons per WeekHours per WeekVisa Eligible
Intensive IELTS3022.5Study or Visitor Permits
Super-Intensive IELTS4028Study or Visitor Permits
Standard IELTS2015Visitor Permits
Part-Time IELTS107.5Visitor Permits

The fee structure depends upon which course you opt for and different factors. You can visit the site at GEOS Language Plus Ottawa

Here are the contact details:

GEOS Ottawa

207 Queen Street #100

Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1P 6E5



Interlangues is Ottawa’s home grown language school. It has over the years worked its way to be among the top language schools in Ottawa. This school also has pathway program with many colleges. Pathway programs help international students meet the language requirement of main study programs without having to sit for tests such as IELTS. You could also possibly get into one of their tie up college with lower English requirement but you should first contact officials from the college first to be sure. Pathway program are just preparatory courses that a student takes up before starting his main study program. It also has IELTS preparation courses but you’ll need a to complete their basic English training course to sit for their IELTS prep course.

Here is the link for the list of their college pathway program tie ups:

Here are their contact details:

Interlangues English Academy Campus
130 Albert Street, Suite 710
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1P 5G4
P: 1.613.232.5000
(Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST.)



There are a whole lot of other language schools for preparation for ielts for international students as well but these two are amongst the top ones you’ll find in Ottawa.

  • Online courses-

Talking about the preparation courses for ielts one can also consider taking online courses as it gives you the comfort of home while also giving you the time for self study which is super important whenever you appear for any kind of exam. The fee for the courses is also on the lower side as you’ll only be focusing on the classes and not any kind of student activity. These are also suited for students who don’t have much time in hand before appearing for IELTS.

We’ll refer British Council’s official resources as British Council co-owns IELTS, the preparatory tools of British Council has the credibility.


Also if you register for IELTS with British Council you also get access to certain exclusive material. Below are the links for British Councils preparatory tools:

Understanding IELTS Series:

IELTS listening

Unerstanding IELTS writing

IELTS Reading

How to work on IELTS speaking

Practice papers List 

There are also many others Online modules and courses available which one can take. These range from Paid to free and also offers different services such as personalization, access to exclusive materials and many more. However with all such courses making rounds on the internet the best possible move is to choose only the certified materials from non other than British Council themselves.

  • Algoquin Collges -ielts for international students 

Algonquin College also provides a preparatory course for IELTS if one wants to appear for IELTS. What’s interesting  is that Algonquin college is also a center for IELTS in Ottawa. The course fee is CAD $399.80 and the classes for this fall has already started on Nov 4 and will continue till Dec 11.

Here’s the link:

Now with all your strategies in place for IELTS consider these links for finding the top colleges to study in Canada

Preparing for IELTS exam is after all not that tough and we’ve seen there are many ways in which you can approach the Exam Preparation whether it be language schools or online resources. Since the aim of the exam is to prove that you’ll be able to adjust in a English speaking Country and will have the proficiency in English to support your main study in that country, one can always choose simple yet effective technique i.e. to always converse in English, watch english media  such as flims, novels, papers, videos etc.

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