Numerical based on Celsius and Kelvin Temperature-Tricky solved questions

Numerical based on Celsius and Kelvin Temperature-Tricky solved questions
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Here are some of the solved examples based on temperature scales . We are going to solve some of the numerical based on Celsius and Kelvin Temperature scales and it includes some of the tricky questions also when you are given each and very value in Celsius and answer is expected in Kelvin .For this after solving the numerical , you need to convert the answer into Kelvin ad that is your final answer . Let us have a look at some of the temperature conversion questions and their answers.

Celsius and Kelvin Temperature

Today, we make use of three temperature scales for measurements .These are : Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin. Fahrenheit temperature scale was discovered by German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and in our next post we will deal with some of the basic facts and conversions between Fahrenheit and other temperature scales .In this post we will deal with other two scales i.e Kelvin and Celsius .

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Celsius temperature / centigrade temperature scale takes 0 degree as the freezing point of water and 100  degree celsius as the boiling point of water for the reference . It was invented  by  Anders Celsius and this scale is used in scientific work everywhere. Then comes SI unit of temperature : Kelvin temperature  which is defined as 1/ 273.16 of the triple point ( triple point is basically an equilibrium among the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases) of pure water. It has symbol K  and does not have any degree sign unlike other two .But all these temperature scales are related to each other and can be easily converted from one temperature scale to another by use of simple formulas . For pictorial representation on how they are related to each other , one can visit

Celsius- Kelvin Solved Examples

While dealing with the problem if you are given more the two types of temperature scale then you must change all the scales into S.I unit that is Kelvin Scale . One thing more ,sometimes in order to confuse the teenage kids ,  your teacher might put a temperature in the problem which you really need not to use . You should be confident enough that you do not need this temperature value.

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Celsius – Kelvin Conversion formula

Here is the formula for temperature conversion between these two temperature scales :

Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15.

K= Degree (C ) + 273.15.


For ease , number of times 273 is used instead of 273.15. Also always says for example 270 Kelvins instead of 270 degrees Kelvin.


Celsius Kelvin Solved Example #1:

Convert 25.0 °C to Kelvin.

Solution :

Kelvin = Celsius + 273

K = 25.0 °C + 273 = 298.0 K

Celsius Kelvin Tricky Questions # 2 

Temperatures on one of the planet is measured between the range of 85-90 Kelvin . Define the temperature limits in , degrees Celsius?

Solution :

Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15

Case 1 : When lower limit is 85 K

K = °C + 273.15

By putting the values in the formula

85= °C + 273.15   => °C  = 85 – 273.15

Value of lower limit in  °C  is -188.15


Case 2 : When upper  limit is 90 K

90 = °C + 273.15

°C= 90  – 273.15 =>   °C = -183.15

The temperature on  one of the planet    has temperature range of  (-183.15 to -188.15) °C

Celsius to Kelvin Problem #3

Do the conversion of 27° C into Kelvin.


K = °C + 273
Put C=  27 and you will get  27 + 273 = 300
Therefore answer is 300 K


Celsius and Kelvin Temperature Numerical # 4

Convert 375 K to degrees Celsius.


Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15.

375 K = °C + 273 


Celsius : 375 − 273 = 102 °C

Kelvin- Celsius Example #5

Convert value of −50 °C to Kelvin. (this is a negative value )


According to the formula

Kelvin = Celsius + 273

Put value of C = -50

Kelvin =  (−50) +  273 =

Therefore value in Kelvin = 273- 50 = 223 K


There were some of the solved problems based on temperature conversions especially Celsius and Kelvin Temperature conversions . For more updates and study material , stay connected with us .If you want any assistance on a specific topic or if you want us to solve any tricky questions , do comment and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible .

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