PGDBM Accounting for Manager Assignment PDF | Amity Distance Learning

PGDBM Accounting for Manager Assignment PDF | Amity Distance Learning
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PGDBM Accounting for Manager

Today, due to busy schedule and lack of time, people mostly tries to add some valuable degrees in their portfolio by following the distance learning education. There are lot of institutes which are providing these type of education and as a result those are beneficial to one’s career. So with this New Year 2019 coming we have brought some more additional stuff for our visitors like amity online solved assignments.

PGDBM Accounting for Manager Assignment PDF | Amity University Assignments Answers

Sample 1#

Accounting has always been most important part since humans are involved in trade and commerce. It is required if you want to do business in a well-organized way and keeping the records of exchange made. Moreover, every person whether he/she is house maker or a CEO of company everyone needs to do some type of accounting. Accounting differs at small level and large level. To keep accounting for simple job it needs simple calculations while in large IT firms where a large track of records are maintained, various complex tools are required for this purpose.

I gather lot of information which is much essential for a business to run such as Profit and Loss record, balance sheets and many other. The most important asset which I learned is the cost sheet where all the billing of human and non-human resources is maintained. I also learnt about 2 types of Accounting:

Financial Accounting: This is exposed to customers, regulatory bodies, stockholders, and creditors

Managerial Accounting: It deals with the data that is not shared with other people such as cost price of goods, profits, and salaries.

Accounting helps managers to know about the future conditions of the company and accordingly employees are informed. Therefore, it helps in monitoring the deviations and executing the plans in a much mannered and ordered way. Also, it prevents the risks such as frauds by minimizing it. It also inculcates knowledge about the company’s financial statements and business key decisions. Additionally, cost classification, costing techniques and allocation of cost plays a key role in decision making. In conclusion, this is informative subjects which will help in professionally as well as personally.

Sample 2#

Accounting is something that every individual do, often without realizing it, it is part of our life. From a housewife to investment banker, all have interpreted the requirement of analyzing the financial transactions and summarizing them accordingly. In business, however, it is a more urgent matter. Hence, I believe accounting is imperative for any business to grow.

From this course, I understood that accounting is concerned with the collection, analysis and communication of economic information. People need economic information to help them to make decision and judgement about business.

Several renowned professions like accountant, analyst or financial advisers, all can do wonders in their domains after good understanding of this concept. Apropos to this, I feel very privileged to get through such useful curriculum, so that I can work in future as above mentioned profiles.

Now I am able to develop an understanding of the importance, language and techniques of Financial, Cost, Management Accounting and Capital Budgeting. Along with this, it inculcated the skills for preparation and analysis of financial statements. In this, it is fully described that how accounting transactions are compiled into financial statements and how information about company performance can be extracted from those statements.

 Following this, I am able to build a sufficient knowledge of accounting to interpret a company’s financial statements and make key business decisions. Furthermore, it developed an understanding of cost classification, allocation and how the costing techniques are useful in the process of managerial decision making.

Below you can get the PGDBM Accounting for Manager Assignment PDF for Amity Distance Learning Education.

Amity PGDBM Accounting for Manager Assignment

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