Problem & Consequences of PID tuning gain values

Problem & Consequences of PID tuning gain values
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Welcome again!!! Today we will discuss about the main part of the whole Quadcopter/Multirotors system. Here we will learn about Problem & Consequences of PID tuning gain values. Before knowing about the PID you must know the basics of Quadcopters or UAV or MultirotorsAs we are discussing about the PID so we must know the about the system on which we want to implement it.

Problem & Consequences of PID tuning gain values

Before knowing the Problems in tuning Gain Values you must know about the PID Basics and its use in drones.

So we consider that you know about the Basics of PID. Lets discuss about the problems faced during its tuning.

  • The main problem is to set values of the multipliers (gain) Kp, Kd and Ki according to our design, our sensors accuracy and tolerance.
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So as to set these values there are two methods:

Manual tuning

Auto tuning 

  • Manual tuning took much time and after each tuned value we have to check the behavior of our system.It may be dangerous so, we follow various precautions before testing.
  • PID values decides percentage of how much our system is manually controlled and how much is controlled by our algorithm.
  • Surprisingly, as many as 75% of control loops actually increase its variability. Many control loops simply do not do their jobs. Setpoints are not followed, valves swing around, creating oscillations so many of the control loops are disabled by the operator by operating it in MANUAL mode.
  • Poor performance happens in large part due to control loop configuration issues. Studies of control loops in the process industries give some insight into the root cause of these issues.  For example:
  • 30% of Control Loops Improperly Configured
  • 85% of Control Loops Have Sub-Optimal Tuning
  • 15% of Control Valves are Improperly Sized

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