Rock Your Socks Images for World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Rock Your Socks Images for World Down Syndrome Day 2019
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Let us understand better about one of the genetic disorder, down syndrome. We as a whole know our highlights and body attributes relies upon our qualities. They are the keys to our looks and the working of the body. These qualities are inherited and that is the reason a large portion of the occasions, our key highlights takes after with our folks. Today we will discuss Down Syndrome and how it happens . Rock your socks for this down syndrome day by sharing different colors socks with hashtag Rock You Socks Let us briefly discuss causes and treatment for those who are experiencing Down Syndrome.

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Rock Your Socks Images

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Rock Your Socks Images

In this post, we will share some facts and images related to Down Syndrome day so as to create awareness about this genetic disorder. Without diving deep in therapeutic terms, we will talk about the down disorder in a simple way. In our body, we have a core in the body cells where hereditary material is put away in qualities. Qualities are in charge of the majority of the acquired characteristics, looks and the manner in which we act. They are assembled along chromosomes. In an ordinary human body, a cell core contains 23 sets of chromosomes. ( 23 chromosomes from each parent). Down disorder is an uncommon condition when happens somebody has a full or halfway additional duplicate of chromosome 21. This causes hereditary changes in the infant prompting modification in physical and psychological well-being. Hence, individuals with Down disorder are brought into the world with an additional chromosome.


World Down Syndrome Day 2019 Images

Why Rock Your Socks on 3.21?

As we have all know that DS ( Down Syndrome) person has 3 copies of a 21st chromosome instead of 2. It affects behaviors, the appearance of a person, processing time and sometimes need extra help. Wearing odd colors socks shows that you support something that is unique and away from being ordinary. It is a part of ” Lot Of Socks ” campaign that raises awareness about DS ( Down Syndrome ) by encouraging them to share their views and know more about this syndrome.

Activities List for WDSD 2019 Celebration 

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World Down syndrome day 2019

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Inspirational messages

My Extra Chromosome makes me extra cute

Let us celebrate this Day, March 21, by wearing most unique, colorful and crazy socks to show your love and care for persons with Down Syndrome . Rock your socks is a way to celebrate their unique differences that make this world brighter and unique. Have a look at some interesting World Syndrome day facts and Rock your socks images that you can share on World Syndrome day 2019.

Be a part of ” Lot of Socks ” Campaigns and post a pic of your crazy socks in support of Down syndrome awareness day,2019 with hashtags such as #LotsOfSocks and #RockYourSocks .Buy some brightly colored socks, long socks, printed socks for this special day to celebrate it in a more colorful way . Make sure to take pictures and videos and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #LotsOfSocks, #WorldDownSyndromeDay and #WDSD19.


Sharing Is Caring

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