Runway Safety PowerPoint Presentation ( Download Runway safety PPT )

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Runway operations are the integral part of aviation and the hazards and risks associated with runway operations need to be managed so as to prevent runway accidents. Therefore, runway safety plays a crucial role in aviation industry. Many plane accidents occur at runways while landing and takeoff. There are a number of reasons for this but the major causes for runways accidents are runway incursion, runway excursion, and runway confusion. .These contribute to about 26% of the total aviation industry accidents. As there is continuous increase in air traffic , accidents due to runway incursion and excursion are rising. Our research covers runway safety issues such as runway excursion and runway incursion. This research discusses about the present methods used for runway safety and suggests alternatives to minimize chances of accidents at runways and at the areas immediately adjacent to it. Check our runway safety presentation for more information .

Runway Safety Presentation

The report deals with runway safety issues .It focuses on major runway safety issues faced by aviation industry . These include runway incursion which means entry of any unauthorized aircraft or vehicle on the runway , runway excursion and runway confusion .This paper examines the factors for occurrence of each situation and how to prevent it .



Some of the main topics shared and discussed in this presentation include Runway Incursion , Runway Excursion and prevention methods  for these safety issues .We are covering the main definition and steps to avoid the accidents on runways . These will be helpful when you will present on any runway safety topics .


Runway Safety Importance

Runway Safety  Presentation Key Points

  • Runway Incursion = Runway incursion is the presence of an aircraft, vehicle, or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and takeoff of aircraft.
  • The main reasons for runway incursions are :
    1. When any vehicle or an aircraft crosses in front of a landing aircraft.
    2. During aircraft take off if any other aircraft or vehicle crosses it from front.
    3. Weather factors
    4. Communication breakdown
    5. Some Crew factors
  • Prevention of Runway incursion
    1. Try to avoid any type of distractions in the operational area.
    2. Learn how to use airport diagrams.
    3. There should be use of correct terminology and proper voice cadence.
    4. Before entering runways, conduct “clearing turns”.
  • Runway Excursion = Excursion occurs when an aircraft makes an inappropriate or improper exit from the runway .During Runway excursion two things can happened:Veer off: In this case , the airplane departs from runway side

    Overrun: Runway excursion condition when an aircraft departs at the end of a runway .

  • Runway Excursion FactorsThere are number of factors that can cause excursion and these include :
    • Any error by pilot
    • Due to poor weather conditions
    • A problem with the aircraft
  • Veer Off Prevention = Veer off can be  avoided in many cases by having an excellent Good two way communications between the pilot and ground crew .
  • Runway Maintenance : In our next report we will shall various steps to avoid any accidents and how to maintain runway safety by improvement in the existing technology .

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