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We all know safety is the first priority everywhere .Government  changes safety related Acts with a mindset to make workplace safer for the workers over there . Today we are going to discuss about various safety measures taken in one of the most hazardous industry where even a minute negligence can cost to life of thousands of people .If you are a student and going to have safety talk , it will be nice idea to talk about Safety Measures in nuclear Power Plants .

Safety Measures in Nuclear Power Plants

This safety talk presentation will give an idea how to prepare for safety talk related to any industry and what are the key aspects that we should keep in mind while preparing for in class safety assignment.  You can even download this safety presentation for future reference.


Apart from this Power Point Presentation, we are giving you the list of key points that you can go through while writing safety reports for nuclear power plant industry .

  • The ALARA Principle

It means As Low As Reasonably Possible.This  principle is an effective method of controlling exposure to radioactive material. This way we limits radiation exposure to the employee working in are of high radio active exposure .

The basic components of this  principle are :

1.) Limiting the time of exposure;

2) Maintain an as-far-as-feasible distance from radiation sources; and

3) Shielding


1.) Limiting the time of exposure

The best way to achieve this aspect of  controlling exposure to radiation is by adequate planning both from a production and safety analysis point of view. It can be done by making small changes such as by scheduling  worker  rotations in such as way so as he/ she get exposed to minimum radiation . Also dividing the project into smaller portions .ed, thus allowing for a more efficient operation.

2.) Maintain a  Safe Distance

This can be done by  establishing a perimeter outside of the exposure zone in which non-essential and non-shielded persons are prohibited from entering .Proper signing for control zones will also help in keeping a safe distance .

3.) Shielding 

This is the  final component  in the ALARA principle .It means shielding persons who may be exposed to the radiation.

It includes use of  personal protective equipment.Although shielding material is determined by the specific type and amount of radiation; but most of the time and also as per rule ; always use the densest available material .

  • On the top of all, first line of defense is always educating the workers who are working there .
  • Workers are always  given personal dosimeters ( to check a  how much dose they have received). If in a specific period of time , they received too much radiation, they will be pulled from the radiation environment.

Be Creative :

Being creative in your presentation or report will always help you to fetch extra marks .If you working in a group , it will be a nice idea t to come up with a back story like what is their  their job .  ( Let us say we are  telecommunication workers and how we handle safety at our workplace ) .
To add something unique to the story, you can always relate it to real world incidents ( Here is very simple example to be used as a base idea : September is the start of a new school year and there will be buses and children on the roadways and sidewalks more than normal.  Later in the year, the weather will turn cold and snowy and driving and walking conditions will become dangerous.
Other items to discuss in a safety meeting relate to the job site.  You could mention there might be a crane or bucket-truck in the job site, there could be divers in the water if you were working at a marina or harbour. )



Sharing Is Caring

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