Solved Examples on Celsius Kelvin Temperature Conversions- Physics Assignments

Solved Examples on Celsius Kelvin Temperature Conversions- Physics Assignments
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We are back with more solved numerical based on temperature scales . Although we have already shared some tricky questions based on Kelvin and Celsius conversions here are some simple solved problems based on Celsius to Kelvin conversions and vice versa. Other temperature scale posts that we have shared with our audience to help them in their math assignments include We have also posted Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion problems and vice versa . The Celsius Kelvin temperature conversions are not only required in Mathematics but also required in physics and chemistry problems such as in Gas Laws and problems including absolute temperature.

Celsius Kelvin Temperature Conversions

Most of the calculations in numerical require the temperature to be in the Kelvin temperature scale and Often the temperature in data is given in Celsius. Here is one simple formula which is used for the Celsius Kelvin conversion .


K = ºC + 273.15

K is the temperature in Kelvin
°C is the temperature in Celsius

Note : Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scale use the degree (°) symbol but Kelvin temperature scale does not use degree (°).

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Celsius Kelvin Problem


The boiling temperature of liquid oxygen at normal pressure at -182.96 °C. What is the value in Kelvin Scale ?

Solution # 
K = ºC + 273.15

ºC= -182.96

Put the value of ºC in the formula : K = -182.96 + 273.15

Value in Kelvin Scale : K = 90.19 K

The temperature at which liquid oxygen boils under normal pressure is 90.19 K .

Temperature Conversion Problem

While we are solving ideal gas problems , in order to make the calculations easier we take its value as 300 K . What is the value of this temperature in Celsius?

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Put the value of K as 300 K in the above formula .

300 = °C + 273.15
°C = 300 – 273.15
Value of °C = 26.85 °C

Value of this temperature in °C is 26.85 ° .

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion 

Convert  value 25.0 °C to Kelvin temperature scale.

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Put the value of ºC as 25.0

25.0 + 273.15  = 298.15

Value of 25ºC in Kelvin Scale is 298.15

Note : Sometimes to make the calculations easy  273.15  is treated as 273.0


Temperature Conversion Numerical


State the value of 40.0 °C in  Kelvin scale

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Put the value of ºC as 40.0 °C

K =  40.0 + 273.15 = 277.15

Celsius Kelvin Problem

Convert -20.0 °C into Kelvin scale temperature .

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Put the value of ºC as -20.0  in the above equation .

K = -20.0 + 273.15 = 217.15

Value of -20.0 °C in Kelvin is 217.15

Kelvin to Celsius Temperature 

Convert 298 K into degrees Celsius .

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Value of K is 298

298 = ºC + 273.15   =>      ºC =  298- 273.15 = 24.85

Value of K in degree Celsius is 24.85 ºC

Kelvin Celsius Solved Problems 

Convert -145.0 °C to K

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

Put value of ºC as -145.0 °C

K= -145.0 °C + 273.15

Solution is 128.15

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What is the value of  252 K in degree Celsuis .

Solution #

Use the Formula   K = ºC + 273.15

252 =  °C + 273.15

°C = 252 – 273.15  = – 21.15

Value in degree Celsius is – 21.15

These are some of the solved numerical related temperature scale measurements.It covers all the basic questions that can be asked in the exam based on temperature conversions . Moreover it will be very helpful in physics assignments related to Celsius kelvin temperature conversions . If you have any doubt or questions related to these conversion problems , do comment and we will revert as soon as possible . For more problems and their solutions , stay connected .



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