SONAR solved numerical for exams | Physics topics

SONAR solved numerical for exams | Physics topics
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Most of the students find it hard to solve the numerical related to SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging ). Its not because the formula used are tough but its just because we need some practice of solved and unsolved problems based on that particular concepts. This gives us a  clear idea how to use formula effectively. Apart from this  it builds our confidence. Here we have some sonar solved numerical for the students.

SONAR solved numerical

Here is the list of solved problems (sonar solved numerical)based on working of SONAR and how we use to calculate various parameters related to this concept. As we know that in this technology, we make use of sound sound concept for various functions such as communication, navigation and detection of any objects that are underlying below the surface of water. Let us have a look at some of the basic SONAR problems and how these can be solved by using time distance formula.


Quick Facts :

Formula used : V= 2D/T                                                            where

V= Speed of sound

2D= Total distance traveled

T= Time taken

SONAR solved problem # 1

A sonar device on a submarine sends out a signal and receives an echo 5 s later. Calculate the speed of sound in water if the distance of the object from sub-marine is 3,625 m.

Answer :

Given, d ( distance )  = 3,625 m;

t ( time taken )= 5 s ;

u = ? (to find)

According to SONAR Formula :

d = (v x t)/2 v = 2d/t = (2×362)/5 = 1450 ms-1

SONAR solved problem # 2

 A ship sends on a high frequency sound wave and receives an echo after 1 second. What is the depth of the sea? Given is Speed of sound in water : 1500 m/s.

Answer :  If the depth of sea is d , then total distance travelled by the sound wave is 2d

Time taken =  1 s

As per question , Speed of the sound = 1500 m/s

Put the values in the formula = 1500 m s_1 = 2d/1s

therefore   d = (1500 x 1 ) / 2 = 750 m

Sea depth = 750 metres.

These are the two basic examples of sonar numerical. In our other post, we have a lot more sonar solved numerically related to it. Apart from solved problems, there are other important topics such as principle and working of SONAR, SONAR types, echo role, and many other conceptual questions based on this technique.


If you want to have unsolved problems for practice, do comment and we will surely entertain you. We hope that these solved problems will help in understanding the concept better and help you in solving your assignments. In case, any specific topics need to be discussed on our website, we do welcome and give our audience the first priority. Hit the like button and share the post with your friends who need help with this topic.

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