SONAR Vs RADAR Differences and similarities |Physics Online

SONAR Vs RADAR Differences and similarities |Physics Online
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This post is going to compare some of the basic differences between SONAR and RADAR  and how they are different from each other in their applications. We will also discuss the working principle of both SONAR and RADAR. In our previous study content, we have already sonar numerical and sonar solved assignments that are provided in the link given below.



How does Radar Work 

The basic differences between these methods are presented in table format. It is easy to learn, understand and compare this way. Although both of the systems are for detecting the objects at far/distant places but still there exist some differences. Both use different wave types. Today we are going to make physics simpler and easier by revealing fundamental differences between both. Let us have a look at below-mentioned differences between SONAR and RADAR.

SONAR Numericals Pdf Download

SONAR Tricky Numerical List 


If you preparing for these topics separately or focussing on just detection system, you can use both sides of the table as the list of features of SONAR and RADAR respectively.


                 SONAR                 RADAR
It stands for SOund Navigation And Ranging.   It stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging.
This detection system detects objects  underwater   RADAR detects objects on land and in the      air.
SONAR make use of  Sound Waves (or acoustic)   It uses Radio Waves
It supports a lesser range ( Fact being sound waves get affected by various factors such as water, salinity, temperature, pressure  )   RADAR supports greater range due to no       disturbing factors
Frequency range is from 20KHz to 10 MHz   Frequency range is from 3 MHz to 300            GHz.
The speed of Sound Waves used for SONAR Operations is 343 meters/second in water.   The speed of  Radio Wave used for                 RADAR Operations is near about 300 x           106 meters/second in the air.
It is slower in Response   It is faster in response

Above is the SONAR Vs RADAR table. If you are seeking any help for your exams or physics assignments related to the topics including features of RADAR, features of SONAR , How does RADAR works , How does SONAR work , numerical  based on RADAR/ SONAR , Practical applications of RADAR, Practical applications of SONAR, What are the similarities between sonar and radar , feel free to drop a comment in the comment section . We will surely entertain your queries and will upload the necessary content that will help you to achieve good grades in your exams and assignments.

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