TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 The Protocol PDF by W.Richard | Internet Protocol

TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 The Protocol PDF by W.Richard | Internet Protocol
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Today’s world is concerned about the Security of Information and Systems on which they are working. People nowadays are learning a lot about Security Protocols and Internet System Securities. As most of the Information, today is present on the Internet and therefore to save the data from being hacked or getting stolen, private and government organizations are working and emphasizing aspects of Security. There are a lot of online PDFs and books available on the Internet where you can get a lot of Information about the Fundamental of Security i.e. TCP/IP Protocols. You can also Download TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 The Protocol PDF by W.Richard from the link provided below if you are doing your Diploma or Masters in Information Security Stream.

What is TCP & Internet Protocol?

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TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol. Both TCP and Internet Protocol are the basic unit of getting started for Information Security. There are some communications protocols and conceptual model known as the Internet Protocol Suite. This IP Suite is similar to computer networks. TCP or Transmission Control Protocol is a standard that states the way to maintain and establish a network communication that can help in exchanging information from application programs. Without this protocol transmission of data, packets are not possible i.e. efficient transfer. One more advantage of this protocol over others is that it provides acknowledgment of each successful transmission of data packet whenever it transmits information from the application layer to the network layer below.

In this Internet Protocol book by W.Richard, you will know about many terms like:

DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DNS: Domain Name Server

IP: Internet Protocol

TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

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