Tracking websites for COVID-19 Live Updates | Corona Virus

Tracking websites for COVID-19 Live Updates | Corona Virus
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COVID-19 Live Updates

To keep the people update regarding the recent cases of Corona Virus ( COVID-19) all over the world, we are providing our audience with the list of live update websites. This COVID-19 live update websites track the total number of cases in each country including deaths, critical cases and recovery cases from COVID-19 ( Corona Virus Update Website ). As we all know, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a virus, it is highly contagious and leading to an increase in a number of cases every day at a drastic rate.

COVID-19 Tracking Websites


Below is the list of live websites that updates the coronavirus cases each hour to keep us aware of the current situation due to this pandemic in each country. The infection by a coronavirus leads to respiratory illness and the most common symptoms that are easy to catch are cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. The best way to keep yourself safe and prevent the spread is to wash your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and maintain social distancing. ( What is social distancing ?)

Coronavirus disease spreads mainly through contact with an infected person when they cough/sneeze. As it is highly contagious if a person touches a surface/ object that already has the virus on it and then he touches his eyes /nose/ or mouth, it spreads.

Worldmeters website shows live updates about COVID-19 related cases in the world. The main things that focussed on this coronavirus update  website include :

  • Death Graph due to COVID-19 in each country
  • Death Rate
  • Daily update of new COVID-19 cases by country
  • Total number of deaths around the globe due to COVID-19
  • Recovered CPVID-19 cases
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COVID-19 Live website #


This COVID-19  related website shows CoronaVirus Global cases by the center for Systems Science and Engineering at John’s Hospital. So far, this infection has spread to at least 146 countries and territories on six continents, infecting more than 700,000 people and killing more than 31,000. The vast majority of infections and deaths had previously occurred in mainland China.

COVID-19 Live Updates Website #

It lists the number of new COVID-19 cases daily and the chart also shows if it is increasing or decreasing in those countries respectively. Other statistics related to each country on this website include Total cases, Total deaths, daily new cases, new cases vs 7-day average, the total number of patients tested and a lot more.

Make Hand Sanitizer at Home – COVID-19

For the latest updates for CoronaVirus, stay tuned. If you have queries related to the pandemic, feel free to drop your query in the comment box . We will surely try to entertain your query as soon as possible. Do share the list of COVID-19 live updates websites so that we are aware of the latest stats about this pandemic. Stay Home, Stay Safe

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