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Web Development is the skill of designing and development of a website for the purpose of both Internet and Intranet. Website Development can be of different types such as developing a static page, blog, eCommerce, or social network services.

StudyMaterialOnline presents a Website Development Industrial workshop where students will learn the basic concept of developing the website. Topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GIT, and Industrial Projects will be discussed in this workshop. It will help participants to grow the knowledge and skills in the field of Front End Development.

It’s Time to UpSkill Yourself by attending this educational Web Development Workshop.

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If you are interested in attending this Workshop to increase your skills in this domain then Register for this Workshop here or click on the above image.

About this Workshop:

If you need to learn how to understand and create Web Applications that are used to solve business problems, this course is for you. You will learn in this course everything you need about Industrial projects, where the implementation of such Web applications is done with petabytes of data and real-life scenarios. This course was designed to provide information in a simple and straight forward way so ease learning methods. You will from scratch and keep building your knowledge step by step until you become familiar with the most used Web development techniques.


Day 1: 22 May 2020 from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Day 2: 23 May 2020 from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Day 3: 24 May 2020 from 12 pm to 2 pm.

What you will learn:

Lesson Plan:



  1. What is CSS? Why do we need it?
  2. What are selectors?
  3. Box styling
  4. Flexbox
  5. Display property. 
  6. Positioning
  7. Class and Ids
  8. Whitespaces
    Note: Margins, Paddings
  9. Alignments
  10. Animations 
  11. Transforms
  12. Media Queries
  13. CSS Variables



  1. Why HTML5 is still important? 
  2. Breaking the myth of simplicity.
  3. Tags
    Note: P, H, small, pre, code, UL, Ol, B, BR, HR, IMG, SUP, TABLE, blockquote, span, I, iframes, canvas, svg, data, abbr, dfn, cite, div, fieldset, footer, header, content, section, main, form, NoScript, video, aside, map (image map), title
  4. Class and Ids attributes
  5. Attributes
    Note: Data, aria, crossorigin, alt, required, placeholder, editable, draggable, onHandlers, style.
  6. Meta Tags
  7. Link / Style & Script Tags
  8. Input Tags
    Note: Text Input, Textarea, Radio, Select List, Checkbox, number, date, email, color picker, time, pattern
  9. Grids, columns, and layout.
  10. Meta – keyword, description, author, viewport

Responsive Design


  1. What is responsiveness and why does it matter? 
  2. Column and Flex Layout.
  3. CSS and Libraries

Browser Essentials


  1. How do HTTP and HTTPS request work? 
  2. The story or request and response
  3. Request Types
  4. Cookie and Sessions 
  5. Local Storage and Session Storage

JavaScript – The Basics


  1. What is Javascript?
  2. Functional Programming? 
  3. Variables and primitives data types.
  4. Object Literal
  5. Prototypes
  6. Closures
  7. Function and Objects
  8. ECMAScrpt 2015 / ES6
  9. Event Handlers
    Desc: onchange An HTML element has been changedonclick The user clicks an HTML elementonmouseover The user moves the mouse over an HTML element

    onmouseout The user moves the mouse away from an HTML element

    onkeydown The user pushes a keyboard key

    onload The browser has finished loading the page

  10. String Methods
    Desc: toString(), length, indexOf(‘word’), lastIndexOf(‘word’), search(‘word’), slice(start, end), substring(start, end), substr(start, length), replace, contact
  11. Arrays & Array Methods
  12. Further Libraries
    : jQuery, Angular, React, NextJS

GIT – Essentials


  1. GIT?
  2. Repository / Github / Open Source
  3. Version Control 
  4. Basic Commands
    Desc: Commands – add-origin, clone, config, add  -A,  checkout, branch, status, commit, push, pull, merge
  5. Collaboration

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand the technology to implement web development for business solutions.


About the Instructor:

Rajan Verma 

I have worked in IT and website development for more than 3 and a half years. After completed my bachelor’s from NIT Jalandhar, I worked as a Full Stack developer in one of the engineering companies. I have obtained several certificates and awards. As I love and enjoy working on coding, hence I pursued my career in today’s niche technologies like Perl, Ruby, Node, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and React js.

You can check my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajanverma-me/

I love teaching advance and beginner-level software development. So I decided to create several courses in this field to share my knowledge with others. I tried to present something new in my classes. Instead of keep repeating the same materials and curriculum which are already existing everywhere, I added materials to simulate the real business scenarios. I included examples based on real business cases to learn something practical rather than learning everything about basics. In other words, I tried to create shortcuts for practical learning to focus on what is really needed in the work field.


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