AIIMS or IIM - Which Institution Stands Out in 2024?

Field of Focus

➔ Medical Sciences
➔ Management

Programs Offered

➔ MBBS, MD, PhD (Medical)
➔ MBA, PGDM, PhD (Management)

Admission Criteria

➔ NEET-UG & AIIMS Entrance Exam
➔ CAT Exam & Personal Interview

Fees (1st Year)

➔ ₹5,000 - ₹20,000 (approx.)
➔ ₹15-25 lakh (approx.)

Career Prospects

➔ Doctors, Surgeons, Researchers, Medical Officers
➔ Business Leaders, Consultants, Entrepreneurs

Work-Life Balance

➔ Demanding schedule, long work hours
➔ Varies depending on industry and role

Research Opportunities

➔ Strong emphasis on medical research
➔ Limited research focus in core MBA programs


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