What's New in Uttarakhand Board 2024?


➔ Class 12 - Dates: Exams are currently ongoing, started February 15th and end March 20th, 2024.
➔ Class 10 - Dates: Scheduled from March 1st to March 29th, 2024.

Revised Syllabus

➔ Class 12 - No Major Changes: No significant changes reported in the exam format or syllabus compared to 2024.
➔ Class 10 - Revised Syllabus: Slight adjustments in specific subjects' syllabi compared to 2024.

Internal Assessment

➔ 20% weightage introduced for internal assessment in specific subjects.
➔ 20% weightage introduced for internal assessment in all subjects.

Uttarakhand Board Website

➔ https://ubse.uk.gov.in/

Term-wise assessment system replaced CCE

➔ Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system is discontinued for Classes 9 to 12.


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