What is RC Controller? How does RC Controller work?

What is RC Controller? How does RC Controller work?
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Welcome Again! In this post we will discuss about the main part of the whole Quadcopter/Multirotors system. Here we will learn about What is RC Controller? How does RC Controller work? Before knowing about What is RC Controller? you must know the basics of Quadcopters or UAV or Multirotors. As we are discussing about How does RC Controller work? so we must know about the system on which we want to implement it.

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What is RC Controller? How does RC Controller work?


First unmanned radio controlled vehicle was made by Nikola Tesla in 1898.  Radio control is generally known as R/C or simple RC Controller. This type of Radio Controlled Vehicles are used in the industries, Military and scientific researches. Radio Control is used to control a device or a vehicle through transmitting a radio signal using a  radio transmitter.Radio transmitter transmit the different type of control signal to guide the device or vehicle in form of radio signal of high frequency.And receiver part attached at vehicle or device receive these signals and guide the vehicle according to signal or control given through radio signal.

How to control vehicle using RC Controller?

To control any unmanned vehicle there are two main component

  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver


A typical transmitter contains about 4 or 6 channel. At least four of them will be proportional, which means movement in device or vehicle will change linearly with control sticks and other are used normally for “ON-OFF” like a switch.These switches can be used to control camera, servos, air breaks etc. Radio signal contain the control movement given to device in encoded form. The RC transmitter send a modulated radio frequency signal. High frequency is desired for long range and less affected by noise generated by servos, motors and other environmental noise.


Both receiver and transmitter contain a crystal of particular frequency. So transmitted signal by transmitter in encoded form can easily be detected or decoded.To get better selectivity receiver is designed based on superheterodyne principle.It decodes the signal in following way:-

  1. Receiver’s RF stage is tuned to transmitter’ frequency .
  2. Received signal is then amplified and mixed with a frequency generated by local oscillator. Frequency generated by local oscillator is generally below 455 kHz than incoming frequency.
  3. Mixer output frequencies are then amplified with IF circuits and sent to detector where data received is detected.
  4. Detected signal is then sent to decoder which generates the actual signal which control the different functions or motion in unmanned vehicle.

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