World Autism Day 2019 Awareness | Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April

World Autism Day 2019 Awareness | Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April
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World Autism Day 2019 Awareness: In every second a child is taking birth and therefore as per the survey held by United Nation, total world population has been calculated as 7.7 Billion. With the increase in population, pollution is increasing and hence hazardous diseases are taking place. Issues such as AIDS, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and much more are existing in our society. Hence, in order to aware them about the symptoms, precaution and about these hazardous disease various campaign are taking place in every corner of the world. Also some online articles are also available on Google which are successfully spreading awareness among the people. After getting a good response on our past article about World Down Syndrome Day Awareness Inspirational Quotes, Messages, we are writing this article to let people know about the Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April.

About Autism Spectrum Disorder | World Autism Day 2019

Autism is basically a complex condition related to neurobehavioral disorder. This includes deterioration in communication skills, social interactions and language development along with repetitive and rigid behavior. As there is a range of symptoms for autism therefore it is also known as autism spectrum disorder abbreviated as ASD. ASD mostly covers most of the symptoms, level and skills of impairment. Autism Spectrum Disorder makes a person handicapped which restricts most of the normal life functions and it can range to devastating disability which may require care from some institutions.

Children affected by autism causes difficulty in communications. Moreover, it also makes them difficult to understand the feeling and thinking of other people and hence it troubles them to express and react with them in terms of gestures or words, touch and facial expressions.

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Autism Disorder Symptoms

Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April,World Autism Day 2019,Autism Day 2019 Awareness

There are various symptoms related to Autism Disorder such as developmental, cognitive, behavioral, psychological and others. Hence below are symptoms related to the categories:

Behavioral Effect:
  • Poor eye contact causing poor communication skills
  • Impulsive Reaction
  • Inappropriate social interaction resulting in less connection with society
  • Repetitive movements
  • Self-harm behavior which sometimes result in harming themselves
  • Compulsive behavior
  • Persistent repetition of action and words.
Developmental Effect:
  • Learning disability which includes language, skills and others
  • Delay in language learning in a child
Cognitive Effect:
  • Acute interest in a limited number of things
  • Problem in paying attention towards something
Psychological Effect:
  • Unaware of people’s emotions
  • Not realizing people’s depression
Other Effect:
  • Anxiety problems
  • Voice change
  • Sensitivity to sound

Autism Disorder Treatment | World Autism Day 2019 Awareness

Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April,World Autism Day 2019,Autism Day 2019 Awareness

Every health problem have some treatment so as to cure that and make a person’s life back to normal. Therefore, there are some treatment which can be given to person to cure him/her.

Early acknowledgment, just as social, instructive and family treatments may lessen manifestations and bolster advancement and learning.

Below are the therapies that are required to cure autistic.:

Managing Anger therapies:

  • Repetitive avoiding and minimizing emotional outbursts that may cause destruction.
  • Exercising mindfulness

Family Therapy:

  • Counselling related to Psychology in order to resolve and reduce the conflicts and communication issues.

Applied Behavior Analysis:

  • It includes some methods which learn children how to be socially significant and indulging positive behavior.

Behavior therapy:

  • It helps them to modify worst behavior and reduce psychological distress.

Sensory Processing Therapy:

  • It helps relaxing and training nervous system to receive senses’s messages and convert them into proper responses.

Animal-Assisted therapy:

  • In this animals are utilized to increase emotional, physical and social well being.

Other therapy are also there which are used to treat and cure autistic such as communicating them with webcams, internet so as to improve speech.

So let us take pledge to try our level best to create as much World Autism Day 2019 Awareness as we can by sharing the facts, quotes, and messages related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hence, it is the time to share the accomplishments, struggles, and journey of all those who are having down syndrome. If you liked our post related to World Autism Day 2019 Awareness | Autism Spectrum Disorder 2nd April, then share it with your friends and on Social Media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and others.

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