World Cancer day Inspirational quotes and Cancer posters to share

World Cancer day Inspirational quotes and Cancer posters to share
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World Cancer Day is celebrated on the 4th February annually to spread every type of awareness about Cancer disease so as to nip the evil in the bud. Prevention is always better than cure .kepping that in mind, certain organizations all over the world unite together and spread awareness about symptoms and treatments of cancer. They focus as the years’ pass, there should be so as to decrease the number of cancer patients. On this World cancer day 2019, we are here with some of the very interesting and inspirational cancer day quotes that come under must share cancer day quotes so as to encourage people suffering from cancer that we are standing with them in their fight.L et them realize that they are not alone, share these would cancer day 2019 images and spread awareness about cancer .

World Cancer Day 2019

Here we are with inspirational quotes for cancer survivors, cancer fighters and cancer caregivers. It is quite obvious that when someone is dealing with something as serious as cancer, they do need a dose of inspiration each and every day and it actually makes a big difference in their attitude and perspective towards life. Motivational posters and quotes and inspirational stories by cancer survivors, give them the spirit to fight against cancer. Let us share these Cancer Day inspirational quotes on this world cancer day 2019.


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Jim Valvano Quotes

Inspirational quotes by Jim Valvano

Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It can’t touch my mind, it can’t touch my heart, & it can’t touch my soul.

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Cancer Inspirational Quotes Images

What Cancer Can’t do?

Cancer is so limited

Can’t cripple LOVE

It can’t shatter HOPE

Can’t  corrode FAITH

It can’t destroy PEACE


It can’t suppress MEMORIES

Can’t silence COURAGE

It can’t invade the SOUL

Can’t steal eternal LIFE

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Medical Days Images

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Cancer Images with an inspirational message| World cancer day 2019

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World Cancer Day Inspirational Quotes 

These are the inspirational messages that you can share with your close ones who are suffering from cancer on this World Cancer Day 2019.  With the help of our team, we have compiled a couple of cancer day inspirational messages that are worth sharing on this day. Just in case you some motivation or you know someone who does, please share these words of inspiration with them. A  single message can bring joy and hope in their life.

Cancer day Quotes Collection 

U beat cancer by how U live, why U live & in da  manner in which U live.

“We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” – Lance Armstrong

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World Aids Day facts and Myths 

Tym is shortening. But every day dat I challenge dis cancer & survive is a victory 4 me : –  Ingrid Bergman

For more quotes and messages related to this day , keep tuned with us . Latest posts such as cancer day awareness posters, cancer ribbon images, and the essay collection related cancer so as to create more and more awareness regarding one of the leading causes of death.

Sharing Is Caring

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