World Down Syndrome Day Awareness Inspirational Quotes, Messages

World Down Syndrome Day Awareness Inspirational Quotes, Messages
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Today is 21st March, World Down Syndrome Day.  A day that has great importance in medical science and plays an important role in creating awareness regarding one of the commonly occurring disorder due to changes in human genes. It helps people all over the world to show their love, respect and care for people having down syndrome. On this day, we are trying to raise awareness by sharing some of the facts related to down syndrome and inspirational quotes so as to encourage our friends who are suffering from down syndrome. Let us have a look at world down syndrome awareness quotes and inspirational messages.

World Down Syndrome Day Awareness Quotes

Have a look at some of the most beautiful quotes related to the down syndrome. We bet that these inspirational quotes and positive messages related to down syndrome will really be helpful for people with down syndrome. It makes them believe that they are in no way less than normal kids but in fact, are extraordinary and special in our society. These are worth sharing quotes on this special day of the world down syndrome awareness. These inspirational quotes make us believe that having an extra chromosome makes us extra special and extraordinary.

# 1 Down Syndrome inspirational quotes 

Stop Thinking in terms of limitations & start thinking in terms of possibilities.

# 2  Down Syndrome awareness quotes 

Down syndrome is just a part of me, not a definition of Who I m.


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# 3 Down Syndrome Quotes 

21st Chromosome – A blessing in disguise

# 4 World Down Syndrome Day Poster 


Sumtimes da things  We can’t change end up changing us instead .

World Syndrome Day 2019 Images

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Down Syndrome Awareness Quotes

Love Does not Count Chromosome 

world_ down _syndrome_ day -quotesEdward Barbanell Quotes

Take my hand , not my lyf

More Down syndrome Quotes 

One of the main reason to spread awareness regarding disabilities that occur during birth is to stop the discrimination against all children. You will be surprised to know the fact that in America, 92%  of the children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are killed in their mother’s womb.  Its worst in Iceland where the percentage is 100 %. That’s the reason why there are so many campaigns and organizations that are creating awareness and helping to make a better world for kids with down syndrome.L et us contribute a little by sharing the facts and inspirational quotes for down syndrome.

Hashtags for Down syndrome awareness day

Here is the list of most commonly used hashtags on social media for awareness regarding down syndrome disorder. Most of these hashtags are used during various campaigns that raise awareness for down syndrome.








Articles for World Down Syndrome day Awareness

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World Down Syndrome Day Facts 

Activities List for Down Syndrome Day 

Let us try our level best to create as much awareness as we can by sharing the facts, quotes, and messages related to down syndrome. It is the time to share the accomplishments, struggles, and journey of all those who are having down syndrome.


Sharing Is Caring

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