World Down Syndrome Facts posters | World Down Syndrome Day 2019

World Down Syndrome Facts posters | World Down Syndrome Day 2019
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Our today’s post is regarding understanding the basics of Down Syndrome. We all know our features and body characteristics depends on our genes. They are the keys to our looks and the functioning of the body. These genes are hereditary and that’s why most of the times, our key features resembles with our parents. Today we will talk about Down Syndrome and how it affects our body. On World Syndrome Day 2019  let us share some facts, causes, and treatment of a patient suffering from Down Syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

Without going deep in medical terms, we will discuss the down syndrome in an easy way. In our body, we have a nucleus in the body cells where genetic material is stored in genes. Genes are responsible for all of the inherited traits, looks and the way we behave. They are grouped along chromosomes. In a normal human body, a cell nucleus contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. ( 23 chromosomes from each parent). Down syndrome is a rare condition when occurs someone has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. This causes genetic changes in the baby leading to alteration in physical and mental health. Therefore, people with Down syndrome are born with an extra chromosome.

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World Down Syndrome Day 2019

A day to create awareness about down syndrome is observed every year on 21 March. Huge participation by non profitable organizations around the globe helps to attain the noble purpose of making the life of people having down syndrome easier by collecting donations and encouraging people to help them in any way possible.  Many campaigns awareness events, activities are held every year to advocate the rights and well being of people with Down _down_syndrome_facts

world down syndrome day posters with facts

If someone is interested in making a generous act of donation for a better life and medical facilities for Down syndrome patients, here is the link is given below where you can make a small donation. Even a small donation can make a huge contribution to someone else life.

Donations for Down Syndrome Patients 

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There are 3 types of Down syndrome :

Trisomy 21 – 95% of cases

Translocation – 4% of cases

Mosaicism -1% of cases 

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Why it is celebrated on 21st March?

Well if you guys are thinking that 21st March is just a random date selected to observed World Down Syndrome Day, then you are wrong my dear.T here is a reason behind that and is very very logical. This global awareness day is officially observed by the United Nations on 21st March because of the reason that 21st chromosome leads to Down Syndrome

These are some of the most common and should be known facts about this day. In our next post, we are going to share the treatments and contribution of various non-profitable organizations working to help people suffering from Down syndrome disorder. For more updates regarding world down syndrome day 2019, stay tuned.


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